Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Bio

Morgan Sterling (who uses his middle name as a nom de plume for science fiction) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, moving from the burbs to the Metropolis (Paris, France) for a year before heading back to San Francisco where he pursued undergraduate studies at San Francisco State. Since then he has spent about a decade in Paris where he earned two Master's degrees and taught various university classes.

He has recently taken to writing science fiction as a way of putting off writing that damned doctoral dissertation he has been sitting on for the last 5 years. Who knows, maybe someday the thing will write itself...

He now lives Melbourne, Australia.

While not writing, he enjoys backpacking and photography.

He also reads for librivox.org, and is currently pod-casting a chapter by chapter reading of Robert E. Howard's pulp class "The Hour of the Dragon"

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His readings for libribox include two chapters of Uller Uprising, by H. Beam Piper available to listen to at http://librivox.org/uller-uprising-by-h-beam-piper/.

He has just had his science fiction story "the eXXXplorers" (adult themes, be warned!) published by Tony C. Smith's iconic audio science fiction magazine "Aural Delights" - found at www.starshipsofa.com.